I’ll keep this one brief. Maybe.

How much does one need to say about the president-elect’s pick for Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner?  Really…having knowledge of his tax evasion issue, choosing him regardless, and not immediately recognizing the problem publicly in accordance with his transparency policy completely opposes all the “Change” Obama has been preaching and promising.  It seems impossible – even unreal – for American citizens to choose to accept this conduct and simply shrug it off.  But everyone is all caught up in the history-making reality-show drama of it all…and it doesn’t really matter much.  They really have no more choice in the matter now, do they?

Someone who is unable to responsibly and lawfully manage his own financial matters – is this REALLY the guy for the job of Treasury Secretary?  As such, he would be overseeing the IRS, the very department he dodged. “These errors were not intentional; they were honest mistakes,” stated Obama.  Last I checked, tax evasion is far from honest.  The Obama campaign’s chief strategist and incoming White House senior adviser, David Axelrod, stated, ““He made a mistake on his taxes.  Most accountants say this is a fairly common mistake.” To say a $34,000 error is a “fairly common mistake” – well, if that is accurate, it certainly explains our country’s financial problems!  On the other hand, Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, said on NBC’s Meet the Press, “It was a big mistake.  It was an embarrassment.  But he’s the right guy for this job.”  Does that make any sense whatsoever to a rational person?  I think he meant he’s the right guy for the U.S. Secretary of Big Mistakes and Embarrassments position.  Or is that job already becoming Obama’s responsibility, even before being sworn in?

Perhaps Obama should appoint a smoker to the Surgeon General’s position next.

No matter whether you believe this appointment is “no big deal” or a colossal mistake, this is not a good sign of things to come.  Not quite the writing folks wanted to see on the Wall of Change right now.

A $34,000 tax underpayment.  My God, there are a lot of people who don’t even earn that annually!  Would you describe this as “common” or  “innocent”?  Or is our president-elect simply telling us, when it comes to taxes, it’s okay to “Keep the Change”?


~ by John Krol on January 20, 2009.

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