Rev. Pfleger Turns His Church Upside-Down

Muted Pleger

Flying the flag upside-down as a last resort distress signal for vessels is antiquated procedure, and is no longer used.  Most Americans would not understand or make a logical connection to youngsters dying in Chicago.  In fact, I would believe most patriotic Americans would never understand a comparison of distressed vessels to murdered Chicago teens; indeed, they would more likely feel insulted and take offense to this inappropriate use of the national symbol.

Yet again, the thoughtless Rev. Michael Pfleger does before he thinks.  After being suspended for making thoughtless racist remarks during a sermon at Rev. Wright’s church, he now “gives the order” to take an inappropriate action in an attempt to call attention to what really amounts to be his own failures.

You see, these slayings are not being ignored because the victims are minorities.  Rather, the youngsters have become victims because they have been ignored and neglected by their parents and guardians.  In turn, Rev. Pfleger and his “chorus of weary Chicagoans” have ignored the parents of these children, and failed to provide the proper spiritual guidance necessary for them to grow into faithful, vibrant Catholic families.

In place of racist sermons, he might have taught parents in his congregation the importance of accountability for their children’s’ well-being.  The parent’s obligation to teach, by example, how to make the right choices and to harshly warn their children of the often-fatal consequences of choosing the wrong path could have been valuable information to communicate. Their duty to teach their children how to take responsibility for their own lives, in alignment with the teachings of their Catholic faith might have saved some lives.

Senselessly drawing attention to the slayings with improper, irrational acts will not help to begin turning this around-in fact it may have the opposite result and increase the numbers.  Gang-related killings are worn as a badge of honor, and the media hype boosts their pride.

Rev. Pfleger is an embarrassment to Catholics around the globe.  He leads by bad example, and is shamelessly drawing his followers away from the most basic principles of Catholicism.  Unfortunately, the church continues to show its debility and is still unwilling to discipline its clergyman gone astray.  He seems far too interested in political involvements, inflaming racial tensions, and creating mindless – often offensive – controversy to get face-time.

Concerned Catholics everywhere can pray that soon the right teacher will be sent to guide those who are in need of uplifting.  Someone who genuinely believes in addressing the real issues with appropriate actions, leading by good example, arming the people of these communities with the knowledge and faith they hunger for in order to move their communities forward in a positive direction…just might do some good.

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~ by John Krol on May 9, 2009.

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