Stupid People Come In All Colors, Don’t They?

It was brought to my attention by a comrade that there are, “Plenty of stupid white people out there to make fun of, too.” Well, I wasn’t really making fun as much as I was trying to be light about a very real – kinda frightening – issue we face in society. The matter being…numbers of incredibly stupid people in our society are growing exponentially, will bring our culture to shocking new lows, and have the potential to make decisions that affect all of us.

However, to imply some sort of discrimination here is more than a bit of a stretch. The articles were posted as they came up randomly in a search. And I do believe one of the reports I posted – the woman who power-washed her 2-year-old – was a white woman. However, it was a bad couple of days for American-Africans*, what with Serena’s blow-up and Kanye’s disturbing, disrespectful display. Bad timing, I suppose?

So I wondered why the message was lost, and how the focus became race for this person. And how many others saw it this way? What does it mean when an individual sees color first, as the primary factor, and misses the real meaning?

It certainly is easy to find signs of racism when you’re looking for them, and then use it as an excuse – but let’s not stop there and ignore the truly important concern.

Mark Twain put it best…

To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

*Since high school I have detested the fact we insist on putting Americans second to all! We are American-Polish, American-Irish, American-African, American-Mexican, and so on. The fact it is difficult to say it this way is a truly sad statement regarding our patriotism. Let’s put America FIRST!


~ by John Krol on September 16, 2009.

One Response to “Stupid People Come In All Colors, Don’t They?”

  1. Excellent comments John. I wonder why we have the appellations anyway. It seems like just another way to feed the American desire to be unique. This is the driving force behind stupid people. They want to be “special” but do not want to put forth the work needed because they are also lazy. The people they admire (usually celebrities) do actually work for what they have achieved. At least the ones that last work. I am not counting flash-in-the-pan people like the Octomom.

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