CNN: For Entertainment Only

Why can’t I find anything on regarding Campbell Brown’s departure?  Although it may not be “newsworthy”, I think an online explanation might be appropriate.  Brown was one of the few anchors still working hard to do her job, even as CNN insists on moving to a CNN/E! format.

How are there still CNN on-air staff who are unable to properly deliver the news?  There was a time when, if you made a couple of errors in one broadcast, they yanked your microphone. Most CNN anchors and reporters cannot make it through one news item without editorializing, uncomfortable, misplaced laughter, or getting their tongues twisted while reading. It’s getting so I’ve switched to MSNBC in the mornings now. Count how many times Kyra Phillips corrects herself each day with a “…rather…”.  I’d like to believe she just needs an eye examination, and this is really no true reflection of her reading skills.

Fredricka Whitfield & Rick Sanchez, with their uber-personal, free-form manner and ceaseless giggling, may do well competing with Regis & Kelly.  (That was neither a suggestion nor flattery.)  James Carville might be better placed as an Obama administration spokesperson; and I see Soledad O’Brien hosting a successful talk show on BET in the near future.  Even Larry King…poor Larry.  Had a good show awhile back.  He now offers us virtually unrecognizable guests, from reality shows or YouTube videos.  Apparently he is competing with Maury.  I can just feel it.  Paternity tests are coming soon on Larry King Live.  Anderson Cooper was one of my favorites, and now is treading water; hope he doesn’t sink any further.

Programs such as Fareed Zakaria GPS, State of the Union, and Your $$$$$, and anchors like Wolf Blitzer & John King I still enjoy watching.

I remember a gentleman named Walter Cronkite.  He could accurately deliver facts without imposing opinions.  He and other anchors of his time allowed viewers to absorb the facts in order to formulate their own opinions. Isn’t this what truly defines news reporting?  CNN might just enjoy being different than the rest.  Take the high road, cycle back to first-rate, true news reporting and leave the others in the dust – at the shady, unsavory entertainment level.


~ by John Krol on May 23, 2010.

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