Burned Up On 9/11

Rev. Terry Jones

Press feeding frenzy.

No book burning today in Florida, I suppose.  It must be a little disappointing for some of my relatives who live and die by the Constitution.  Not so much that Rev. Terry Jones decided to forego delivering his message to the muslim extremists; instead, that those who stood so relentlessly with the Constitution and the freedom it guarantees appear to have withdrawn from their position.  Beat a rather hasty retreat, once every shaking politician in the country denounced the proposed act.  Even termed expressing their freedom this way an “un-American” act.  Sounds a bit contradictory, even hypocritical, doesn’t it?  Isn’t this the same freedom Americans continue to die protecting?  And thank goodness for freedom of the press!

Yes, Americans are still free in today’s world, only in a very different way now.  Free to commit stupid, disrespectful and insensitive acts without regard for consequences, both intended and unintended.  Free to disregard the importance of understanding long-term effects and their impact.  And free to choose to be ignorant of reality, to block any awareness of how the world is changing around them and be blind to the truth.

Unfortunately, there are no effective systems in place to protect ourselves against this type of freedom.

Many will not be too disappointed, though.  There were other notable burnings.  Be certain to read the comments below the videos for additional cultural insight, as well.


~ by John Krol on September 11, 2010.

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